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Internet of Things Solutions

Investing in IoT solutions that involves sensors and wireless technology has become a crucial process for the survival of all firms. B Solutions will help them to identify the best solution that combines data from sensors and equipment with powerful analytics to optimize everything from facility management, building automation, energy management, and more.

Business Performance Improvement

B Solutions develops the right productivity and performance solutions to meet each client’s needs. B Solutions can show its clients how their organization can eliminate waste and lost productivity while multiplying employee motivation, focus, and productivity.

Layout Optimization

The objectives of optimizing a layout typically are to improve workflow and material handling costs, improve throughput, maximize space, and reduce labor costs. B Solutions’s layout optimization will define opportunities to remove waste, non-value added steps, improve material and work flow, validate locations for equipment, machines, workstations, and storage areas.

AC diagnosis prototype

AC diagnosis is an innovative Bluetooth car diagnostic tool which delivers advanced AC diagnosis quickly via its own smartphone App.

AC diagnosis

Performs a digital AC diagnosis quickly via your smartphone

dIoT thermo

dIoT thermo sensor is monitoring an air conditioning system and improving facility energy efficiency

IoT analitycs

Optimize your facilities management strategy with smart IoT sensor such dIoT thermo

Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit

Cypress CY8CKIT-042-BLE Bluetooth low energy pioneer kit has been used to tested Bluetooth connectivity

Plastic case design

SolidWorks has been used to design the multi-functional attachment system for dIoT thermo and AC diagnosis

Internet of Things sensors

Different IoT Groove sensors connected to a LoRaWAN board

Rapid prototyping

3D printing is building the first digi thermo case

dIoT thermo Food Monitoring

dIoT thermo has been named Top 10 Food Safety Tech Solution Providers, 2019!

dIoT thermo - Proactive food safety solutions

Ensure food quality and HACCP compliance with 24/7 remote temperature monitoring.

digi thermo saving calculation

Efficiently test on a ductless mini-split single zone unit

Testing LoRaWAN network

We started to test the new LoRaWAN network with STM32 LoRa Discovery Kit


The message of the Kaizen strategy is that not a day should go by without some kind of improvement being made somewhere in the company.

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