dIoT thermo

digi thermo is an innovative monitoring and alert solutions and proud new machineQ partner offering services based on interconnected IoT devices and innovative Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology. Leveraging Comcast’s machineQ low power WAN and a cloud-based analytics platform, our intelligent web dashboard will provide real-time monitoring and automation solutions to drive energy efficiency for homes, commercial buildings and other non-industrial facilities.

Philly Smart Urban Safe Monitoring​

HackIoT Philly 2017 winner.

The system uses the LoRaWAN network to provide real-time environmental monitoring data for low-income communities that are typically targeted for federal heating/cooling energy programs (such as LIHEAP). We monitor temperature, humidity, and other air quality parameters of households with at-risk populations and send this information to family members and community organizations. This information can then be used for immediate responses.

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